Raina’s Summer Skincare Guide

It is officially spring, bring on the butterflies and bee pollen. I am already experiencing swollen lips and itchy eyes, but I am grateful that the winter weather appears to finally be over here in NYC. Each season brings about a slight change to your skincare routine. Out with the heavier, creamier products that winter requires and in with the lighter, easy breezy skincare routine. Spring is a great time to get your skin summer ready. Here are a few things I recommend to get your skin summer ready:

  • Get facials from a licensed esthetician in your area once a month.
  • Always use a makeup remover cleanser before using your daily cleanser. Everyday cleansers do NOT wash away the makeup effectively.
  • If you have greater skin issues visit your dermatologist.
  • Adopt a skincare routine for your skin type.
  • Keep your hands out of your face & avoid picking your acne, black heads and whiteheads.
  • Change your pillow cases twice a week to avoid breakouts.
  • Keep it simple. Use facial products for your face and body products for the other parts of your body.



  • I picked up a few items from my favorite skincare store “Blue Mercury.”
    Skinceuticals : “Spot Corrector” is hydroquinone-FREE❗️😻 It fades spots and retexturizes your skin leaving it smooth.
    • “M-61 is a Bluemercury brand product and is amazing for all skin types including #acneprone & #matureskin types. The Brilliant cleanse is great for everyday cleansing. • Power Glo Peel is a 1 step exfoliating peel that resurfaces and clarifies, firms the skin giving you a radiant and renewed glo. Power spot is used to dry out pimples that are raised above the skin. It contains salicylic acid and cucumber , aloe , tea tree & witch hazel.
    #GentleSkincare 😻