3 Foundations for Women of Color


I’m wearing Arbonne foundation

Hello ladies. I have been receiving a vast amount of inquiries about what my foundation recommendations are for black women. I have compiled this list based on the following criteria:

  • Vegan (V)
  • Animal-cruelty free (ACF)
  • Non comodogenic (NC)
  • Sensitive skin type (SST)



For those of you who love a finished look without the maximum coverage. Out of all the brands I love, Iman has BB creams that are especially tailored for our different skintones unlike other popular brands that don’t cater to darker skin.  Iman cosmetics can be found in drug stores and is exclusively sold at Target.

**BB cream=Beauty balm. (NC)* (ACF)* (V)*vegeterian friendly & some of the products are vegan friendly. (SST)*



*click on photo to view the demo of the foundation.*  100% (NC)*100% (ACF)* 100%(V)* 100%(SST)*

It’s a build-able foundation.  For sheer coverage apply less, for full coverage apply more. The foundation improves your skin’s texture and appearance with each application.

I sell Arbonne products & I highly recommend it.


I’m wearing Arbonne foundation in Deep Bronze (click on the photo to start ordering your Arbonne cosmetics today.



Becca is also another favorite of mine. If you are worried about shine the matte formula is for you. It gives you hours of shine-free coverage. This is great because darker skin tends to reflect more light and appear oily especially in the T-zone.

(ACF)* (NC)*

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