Natural Sunscreen


Coconut oil from my kitchen, provides SPF 10

This year I am making a more conscious effort to live the “natural” life.  That includes using natural products that go on my skin, to the products I use to clean the house with and the toothpaste I use on my teeth. Everything we use on our skin has a direct effect on our internal.  Coconut oil is my new favorite thing.   I use it as a natural alternative to store bought skin lotion and hair cream and conditioner.  I am not a doctor, but through research have found that coconut oil is good for the purpose of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  Unlike store bought sunscreen coconut oil does not block out the beneficial UV rays. UV rays are still necessary in the production of vitamin D which is a necessity to your body and your mood as well.  You can also add shea butter  (SPF 6-10), carrot seed oil (spf 30) or any other essential oils, and add zinc oxide powder for a long lasting sunscreen to your coconut oil for added protection.  Put this on your skin  twice a day and as soon as you get out of the shower. Like with anything else always consult with your doctor/naturopathic doctor before using.







“Daily amounts of sun really does a lot for the mind and soul.  The sun lifts your spirits.  Go and soak up some rays and don’t forget to take your natural sunscreen with you.”