Lash OUT Loud: Mink Lashes

If you know me personally or follow me on any social sites you will know that I am all about being what I call “Effortlessly Chic.”  In fact it has become a of movement for me.  I believe that women should look like, well…. like women.  If your goal is to achieve that breath of fresh air look then this blogpost is definitely for you.   I recently took the leap from cluster lashes to the real thing, REAL mink lashes.  I have a pet peeve for over the top makeup. I believe that makeup, especially everyday makeup should enhance the beauty you already have, not cover it up and turn you into someone totally different.   I feel the same about lashes. I went to Bling Lash here in NYC and was thoroughly pleased. Everything went so well, from booking the appointment on the same day to walking into a very professional setting and receiving a service that was 100% on point! Check them out!


Me with my REAL mink lashes.

Benefits of Mink lash extensions:                         

  • They last a month.
  • They shed with your natural lashes.
  • They can be filled in 2-3 weeks after application at a fraction of the original price.
  • Enhance your eyes.
  • Unlike cluster lashes mink lashes do not destroy your natural lashes.
  • They are very light weight and realistic looking.
  • Saves you time and money on purchasing mascara or strip lashes.
  • Your eyes are closed thru the entire procedure and it takes about an hour to apply.
  • Allows you to LOOK like you, but a BETTER you.

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