Raina’s Summer Guide to Makeup: Foundations & Moisturizers

Clinique moisturizer was used first. Then I used Clinique Matte Foundation. I then used Mac’s Highlighter Pen in Peach lustre, then I set the highlight  with Black Opal’s finishing powder in Medium.

     The summer is finally approaching us at rapid speed. I am so excited. Are you excited? Along with the rising temperatures arise concerns for many makeup enthusiast. The question I always get asked is, “What are great foundations that can withstand the heat?” I have a couple of favorite products that I absolutely love and that have yet to fail me. The foundations that I highly recommend have colors that range from ivory to to ebony & are animal cruelty-free. I promise your face will feel light and your makeup will last.  Let us start off with hot weather friendly moisturizers.







Raina’s Summer Skincare Guide

It is officially spring, bring on the butterflies and bee pollen. I am already experiencing swollen lips and itchy eyes, but I am grateful that the winter weather appears to finally be over here in NYC. Each season brings about a slight change to your skincare routine. Out with the heavier, creamier products that winter requires and in with the lighter, easy breezy skincare routine. Spring is a great time to get your skin summer ready. Here are a few things I recommend to get your skin summer ready:

  • Get facials from a licensed esthetician in your area once a month.
  • Always use a makeup remover cleanser before using your daily cleanser. Everyday cleansers do NOT wash away the makeup effectively.
  • If you have greater skin issues visit your dermatologist.
  • Adopt a skincare routine for your skin type.
  • Keep your hands out of your face & avoid picking your acne, black heads and whiteheads.
  • Change your pillow cases twice a week to avoid breakouts.
  • Keep it simple. Use facial products for your face and body products for the other parts of your body.



  • I picked up a few items from my favorite skincare store “Blue Mercury.”
    Skinceuticals : “Spot Corrector” is hydroquinone-FREE❗️😻 It fades spots and retexturizes your skin leaving it smooth.
    • “M-61 is a Bluemercury brand product and is amazing for all skin types including #acneprone & #matureskin types. The Brilliant cleanse is great for everyday cleansing. • Power Glo Peel is a 1 step exfoliating peel that resurfaces and clarifies, firms the skin giving you a radiant and renewed glo. Power spot is used to dry out pimples that are raised above the skin. It contains salicylic acid and cucumber , aloe , tea tree & witch hazel.
    #GentleSkincare 😻


The Glamour Box: Holiday Makeup

Hello, happy holidays everyone. This holiday season is here. We are busy shopping and getting ready for those holiday parties and family gatherings. While getting ready for all of that don’t forget to take care of you & become your greatest version. I posted a video to my YouTube <–(click on the word YouTube) channel to help you get ready for the holiday scene. I have a list of products that I used on the video that you can use this season to highlight your beauty.


Sephora black liquid liner, Laura Mercier’s foundation primer, Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in chocolate, NYX glitter in gold, NYX glitter primer! (Sephora can be found at seohora stores & online, all the other products can be found at Ulta.com )*



Check out my video on YouTube : HOLIDAY MAKEUP https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Bt8CtiFKaeU

NYX retractable lip liner in Dark Kiss, Anastasia Glow Kit, L.A Girl Glazed lipstick in Pin Up

All these products can be found at ultra.com





All things FALL: The Makeup Edition


So this is the season that we’ve all been waiting on. Bring on the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” & fabulous fall clothes, but for some of us it’s the makeup. Here’s a few looks that I know you will love just as much as I do. Check out some looks I created on myself… & my new haircut too. 😻


Vintage by NYX cosmetics. The "Liquid Suede" collection.

Vintage by NYX cosmetics. The “Liquid Suede” collection.

Can be found at CVS/ Target / Ulta or online at nyxcosmetics.com .

I absolutely adore a clean makeup look paired with a bold lip.

lip by NYX cosmetics

Lip: Copenhagen in soft matte by NYX cosmetics . Can be found at CVS/ Target / Ulta or online at nyxcosmetics.com . The eyeliner is Marc Jacobs.


And if you’re a little gothic like me you will definitely enjoy this one.

Sapphire Siren by Maybelline. I got it from CVS!! Just in time for Halloween or for your look of choice.

Sapphire Siren by Maybelline. I got it from CVS!! Just in time for Halloween or for your look of choice. Follow me on INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT : @TheGlamourBOX ✨

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Bridal Tips to Ensure Your Big Day Runs Smooth

I have been in the cosmetology business for 16 years and counting. In the last 5 years brides have become an extremely special part of my professional life and have even inched their way into my heart. I thoroughly enjoy prepping brides for their day via hair and makeup. But, I also prep them on a more intimate and emotional level. The wedding day is the day that a woman is said to look her most beautiful and I am on top of things to make sure that she does. Here are a few tips that will make your prep-time prior to saying, “I Do” extremely



Here I am prepping my bride Devin on the day of her wedding at the Andaz Hotel on Wall Street. (June 11,2016)*


  • Bridal Trials are a must! (Although I have done weddings w/out them I highly recommend it so that there is a timeline implemented and things run on schedule. Schedule one at least 2 months before your wedding day.
  • At your bridal trial, make sure to have visuals. That includes google searched images of the style of hair/makeup that you are likened to. Have more than 3 to choose from. (Pinterest is a brides personal favorite for looks)*         

    Devin’s hair and makeup are complete…. Here comes the Bride.

  • Have a picture of your dress so that the hairstylist can decide what is the best style choice for that particular style of dress.
  • Bring your veil, tiara, hair clip or any hair accessories to your trial.  That will also help the hairstylist know what hairstyle would be best for the hair accessory.

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The Best Leave-In Treatment Award goes to:::

I am in love with this product. If I have to choose a leave-in hair treatment on planet earth, I would choose you every single time. I have searched high and low for a leave-in that works great on my naturally straight haired clients without weighing their hair down & that I can also useimage1-2 on my textured curly/kinky/coily clients as well.  Use it after you shampoo and conditioner your hair. Gently towel-blot your hair then spray it evenly over your strands. It gives the ultimate heat protection and leaves hair soft and feeling and looking repaired and healthy. Naturalists don’t have to worry about losing their curl pattern anymore. “It’s a 10” is the best thing that ever happened to hair. It runs about $18  a bottle and is concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

You can find it at Target, Birchbox, Walgreens and Ricky’s.

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3 Foundations for Women of Color


I’m wearing Arbonne foundation

Hello ladies. I have been receiving a vast amount of inquiries about what my foundation recommendations are for black women. I have compiled this list based on the following criteria:

  • Vegan (V)
  • Animal-cruelty free (ACF)
  • Non comodogenic (NC)
  • Sensitive skin type (SST)



For those of you who love a finished look without the maximum coverage. Out of all the brands I love, Iman has BB creams that are especially tailored for our different skintones unlike other popular brands that don’t cater to darker skin.  Iman cosmetics can be found in drug stores and is exclusively sold at Target.

**BB cream=Beauty balm. (NC)* (ACF)* (V)*vegeterian friendly & some of the products are vegan friendly. (SST)*



*click on photo to view the demo of the foundation.*  100% (NC)*100% (ACF)* 100%(V)* 100%(SST)*

It’s a build-able foundation.  For sheer coverage apply less, for full coverage apply more. The foundation improves your skin’s texture and appearance with each application.

I sell Arbonne products & I highly recommend it.


I’m wearing Arbonne foundation in Deep Bronze (click on the photo to start ordering your Arbonne cosmetics today.



Becca is also another favorite of mine. If you are worried about shine the matte formula is for you. It gives you hours of shine-free coverage. This is great because darker skin tends to reflect more light and appear oily especially in the T-zone.

(ACF)* (NC)*

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Natural Sunscreen


Coconut oil from my kitchen, provides SPF 10

This year I am making a more conscious effort to live the “natural” life.  That includes using natural products that go on my skin, to the products I use to clean the house with and the toothpaste I use on my teeth. Everything we use on our skin has a direct effect on our internal.  Coconut oil is my new favorite thing.   I use it as a natural alternative to store bought skin lotion and hair cream and conditioner.  I am not a doctor, but through research have found that coconut oil is good for the purpose of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  Unlike store bought sunscreen coconut oil does not block out the beneficial UV rays. UV rays are still necessary in the production of vitamin D which is a necessity to your body and your mood as well.  You can also add shea butter  (SPF 6-10), carrot seed oil (spf 30) or any other essential oils, and add zinc oxide powder for a long lasting sunscreen to your coconut oil for added protection.  Put this on your skin  twice a day and as soon as you get out of the shower. Like with anything else always consult with your doctor/naturopathic doctor before using.







“Daily amounts of sun really does a lot for the mind and soul.  The sun lifts your spirits.  Go and soak up some rays and don’t forget to take your natural sunscreen with you.”




Natural Skincare with Lush Cosmetics

IMG_3124      I always stroll pass this store when I am on the upper east side here in New York City.  After a year I decided to go inside.  I know, a whole year. I was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered and wondered why I had not gone in sooner.  Lush11390030_10203995860608990_5132865906191438949_n Cosmetics Shop and Spa is located on the corner of East 61st street and Lexington ave.  It is the house to an all organic and vegan cosmetic line of facial scrubs, cleansers, lotions, deodorants, shampoo and conditioning bars, henna dye for the hair, even makeup, just to name a few. Even the packaging is ethically sound and good for the environment.  All of the products are animal cruelty-free, meaning that no animals were used to test these products, in fact the company campaigns against animal testing. Their customer service is top notch and the scents in the store are invigorating. They even have a spa upstairs which I will be visiting very soon.

My go-to product so far is the “Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.” It is created with white lime and infused- vodka to fade dark marks , and avocado and coconut to smooth and hydrate the skin.  The mixture of coarse and fine sea salt made my skin extremely smooth and more refined than it was. I’m sure I will see even better results as the weeks go by. After I rinsed the scrub off I used the sample of their “Vanishing Cream,” it’s weightless and non-comodegenic. Remember to exfoliate your skin once a week, that includes the rest of your body.  This product is made with no preservatives. I highly recommend it.


(left to right)* Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, Mask Of Magnaminty, Vanishing Cream Moisturizer, Angels on Bareskin Facial Cleanser.www.lushusa.com

*Check out their website to learn more about this incredible company and their products.*

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Lash OUT Loud: Mink Lashes

If you know me personally or follow me on any social sites you will know that I am all about being what I call “Effortlessly Chic.”  In fact it has become a of movement for me.  I believe that women should look like, well…. like women.  If your goal is to achieve that breath of fresh air look then this blogpost is definitely for you.   I recently took the leap from cluster lashes to the real thing, REAL mink lashes.  I have a pet peeve for over the top makeup. I believe that makeup, especially everyday makeup should enhance the beauty you already have, not cover it up and turn you into someone totally different.   I feel the same about lashes. I went to Bling Lash here in NYC and was thoroughly pleased. Everything went so well, from booking the appointment on the same day to walking into a very professional setting and receiving a service that was 100% on point! Check them out!


Me with my REAL mink lashes.

Benefits of Mink lash extensions:                         

  • They last a month.
  • They shed with your natural lashes.
  • They can be filled in 2-3 weeks after application at a fraction of the original price.
  • Enhance your eyes.
  • Unlike cluster lashes mink lashes do not destroy your natural lashes.
  • They are very light weight and realistic looking.
  • Saves you time and money on purchasing mascara or strip lashes.
  • Your eyes are closed thru the entire procedure and it takes about an hour to apply.
  • Allows you to LOOK like you, but a BETTER you.

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